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WHMCS Community Forums FAQ

Here you can find answers to questions about how the board works. Use the links or search box below to find your way around.

Rules & Guidelines

The WHMCS Community Forum is intended to provide a place for users of WHMCS to discuss, share and interact with each other as well as WHMCS Staff. To ensure we maintain a friendly environment, we ask users to please respect the following rules and guidelines.

Please let us know via the Forum Assistance forum category if you have any questions or comments, posts in this forums are visible only to you and the WHMCS Community Team.

We reserve the right to alter these rules from time to time.

1.User Accounts
Each person may have (one) 1 forum login regardless of the number of companies you may be part of. Duplicate accounts may be removed from the forum.
Please do not share your user account with others - each person should retain their own username and password
Usernames may not be created that contain the following:
Email addresses
Website addresses
WHMCS, cPanel, staff, moderator, admin

Where an account does not meet the above guidelines the account may be banned from the forums and you will need to Contact Us to correct your username.

2. Behavior in the Community
We expect all users to be friendly and polite. While we understand that users will disagree and have different points of view at times, this can be communicated in a civil manner
Please do not post rude, insulting or inflammatory posts. Personal Attacks, Name Calling and Insults will not be tolerated on the WHMCS Community Forum.
Profanity and inappropriate images (including porn or gross violence) may not be posted anywhere on the WHMCS Community Forum.
WHMCS Community Moderators use their sole discretion as to what is deemed unacceptable behavior on the community and may remove content at any time.

3. Advertising on the Community Forum
Advertising, offers or self promotion are to be posted only in the Third Party Addons section of the forum
Forum users seeking to hire a developer may post within the Service Offers & Requests section of the WHMCS Community Forum
Advertising is limited to one advertisement per forum per user each week. Additional or excessive advertising may be removed by the moderation team
Soliciting and/or self promotion via the private messaging (PM) system is strictly prohibited.
The sale or reselling of WHMCS Licenses is strictly prohibited on the forum
Affiliate and referral links may not be used, these links are those that link to a site and contain information crediting the person with that referral

4. Posting & Moderation on the Community
The WHMCS Community Forums are moderated by WHMCS Community Moderators and Staff. When a post is deemed to be in breech of the rules it will be removed and the user advised via an Infraction.
Please do not cross-post across the forum. If your topic is better suited to another section one of the WHMCS Moderators will move it to the best forum for you. You may flag your post if you wish to have it moved by a moderator.
For privacy reasons please do not post any personally identifiable information including Usernames, Passwords, Contact Numbers, Email Addresses and/or Credit Card Numbers
As a moderated community we have implemented an Infraction System. When a post is removed for breeching the rules we’ll be sure to let you know. We allocate points to an infraction and once you have a set number of points you may be suspended from posting on the community forums.
Users that do not comply with the rules for WHMCS Community forums may be banned temporarily. Ongoing temporary bans may result in a permanent ban from the WHMCS Community Forums.

5. Signature and Profile Rules
Your signature may include links however please ensure these are reasonable (no more than 4) and they must not include Referral/Affiliate links. This includes pricing and plan details
Signatures may not contain more than 4 lines at a 1024x768 resolution
Please do not sell or rent your signature space, your signature is yours alone.
Where your signature does not comply with these rules you may be asked to alter or remove it

6. Community Forum Ranks
Official WHMCS Staff & Moderators are identified by the rank of WHMCS Staff directly below their username.
The WHMCS Community runs a ranking system, new forum members start with the rank of Newbie and can progress based on the number of posts, reputation points and length of time active on the community
Some users have a special “Super Users” rank. These members are a select group of elite community members that are long standing mentors in the community, courteous to other members, always providing technical insight and advice, and generally helping to make our forums a better place to learn, troubleshoot and advance.
The WHMCS community ranking formula is changed from time to time and without notice.

7. Contacting the WHMCS Team
If you have any questions about any of these rules please contact our community team via the Forum Assistance board on the WHMCS Community Forum.

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Here you can find answers to questions about how the board works. Use the links below or the search box above to find your way around.

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